The Herefordshire Charter

A Shared Community – Working relationships in Local Government in Herefordshire.

Herefordshire Council and Local Councils within Herefordshire have agreed to publish a Charter which sets out how they aim to work together. This Charter is the result of discussions locally and across Herefordshire to confirm existing good practice and to establish some new and enhanced ways of working.

Herefordshire Council is the unitary authority for the County of Herefordshire. There are 53 Ward Councillors (Members) in 53 wards. The County is 100% parished with 1225 parish councillors in 133 parish and town/City Councils and 4 parish meetings.

The Councils jointly represent all levels of democratic local government, to whose principles they are all committed. They are keen to see continued efforts made to improve our system of local democracy and to see greater public participation in and appreciation of the system.