All About Your Locality

All About Your LocalityNine localities (Hereford City and the five market towns, plus the rural areas of Mortimer, Golden Valley and Weobley) have been agreed by the Herefordshire Partnership to aid in the design and delivery of services to different parts of the county – including the co-location of providers to make most efficient use of resources.

The localities are made up of parishes – and group parish councils wherever possible. The starting point for the boundaries was secondary school catchment areas, with minor adjustments on the basis of a wider range of evidence – for example community transport provision and GP registrations

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Implementation of the locality strategy and partnership arrangements needs to be supported by an understanding of the different issues facing each area, and the needs and priorities of the local population. Some issues will affect all areas of Herefordshire equally, but others may be unique to a particular locality.

Nine locality profiles have been produced to draw together a wide range of statistics about each locality and ‘sub-localities’ within it (e.g. market town and rural hinterland), and the equivalent county figure.Also available are descriptive locality summaries, which provide a brief description of each locality and highlight key facts about the sub-localities within them, either relative to the county as a whole or if there are notable variations within the area.