BMX park
BMX park

Throughout England, parish and town councils (local councils) work towards improving community well-being and providing better services within your locality. They are the tier of local government closest to YOU and can effect change within the area YOU live.

Parish councillors normally live within their community and will therefore be more likely to understand the needs of its residents, which includes YOU! Engaging young people is a key consideration for many local councils and they can be at the forefront in ensuring that the needs of young people are more fully represented.

Some examples of the services and facilities that parish councils have helped to provide for young people are:

  • Skate Parks
  • Youth Clubs
  • Youth Shelters
  • Mobile cinema
  • Play areas
  • Sports facilities
  • Internet cafe
  • Increased public transport to nearby town
Ross-on-Wye Skate Park
Ross-on-Wye Skate Park

If you would like your parish or town council to become more aware of young people’s needs within your area, then you can either:

Attend a parish council meeting
Write a letter to the parish council – this should normally be sent to the Parish Council Clerk
Email the Parish Council Clerk with your ideas / concerns / requests and ask that they be considered at a council meeting
Ask for there to be a YOUTH item on the next meeting’s Agenda
If you would like to know which parish council is responsible for the area in which YOU live, please go to our Maps section, listed under Parish Councils FAQ. On our “Interactive Map” you will be able to click on the village or place that you live and details of the parish council responsible for your area will pop up.

The Clerk’s details are usually displayed on the map and he / she can tell you when and where parish council meetings are held. The Clerk will also be glad to receive any enquiries or concerns you may wish to highlight to councillors.

Youth Pod
Youth Pod (courtesy of Broxap Ltd)

Alternatively you can call HALC on our Information Line – 01432 353492, for a friendly, informal chat or

We can provide you with contact details and answer any questions you may have, on how parish councils work and how you can get involved. Give us a call today!

Once in touch with your Parish Council you may like to think about setting up a Youth Town or Parish Council. There are quite a number of youth parish councils around the country and there could be more in Herefordshire! It’s up to you! If you and some like-minded friends would like to….

Exercise your right to participate in decisions that affect you.
Have a voice on local issues that you feel strongly about.
Develop your abilities to participate in local decision making.
Work together to take collective action and to make changes you think are needed.
Represent the views of local young people.
…. then contact your parish council and express your desire to start a youth parish council!

There is information and guidance available from HALC and NALC that will assist your Parish Council in creating a Youth Council.